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    Experts provide e
    Experts provide e-commerce insight for Jinjiang enterprises Updated : 2016-06-30(chinadaily.com.cn)

    The topic of cross-border e-commerce, SMEs and global markets stirred enthusiastic discussion among attendees of a sub forum of the sixth APEC-ECBA Forum that was held in Jinjiang, Fujian province on June 28.

    Among the speakers were Zhao Wei from Shenzhen-based Youkeshu Technology Co; Wang Xucheng, COO of Shenzhen-based Sailvan Network; Cai Hua, president of Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Association; Zheng Chenghuan, COO of Lazada.com, an online marketplace covering Southeast Asia; and Hu Hui, general manager of Quanzhou, Fujian-based Gogoso, that integrates online retailers of maternal and infant products.

    Find the right platform to display your products

    The products made in Jinjiang entered the global market more than 30 years ago, and today many manufacturers have since gained popularity in foreign countries, and cross-border e-commerce is a way for the manufacturers to extend their economic growth.

    It is important for the companies that are new to the e-commerce business to find a reliable platform to promote their products and services properly, said Cai Hua.

    Zheng Chenghuan suggested Jinjiang companies study previous foreign trade data and develop into the foreign market with better economic potential.

    Amazon.com, Wish, Lazada and other e-commerce platforms are all looking to partner with product suppliers in China because of the cheaper costs of quality products in China.

    Jinjiang's manufacturing sector covers a wide range of industries, boasting well-developed supply chains and a high level of advancement, which is an advantage for made-in-Jinjiang products to compete in global markets through e-commerce networks.

    Wang Xucheng and Zhao Wei broke down different e-commerce platforms' distinctions and business priorities for the attendees at the forum.

    While Cai Hua pointed out that manufacturers may adjust production lines based on professional data analysis of large e-commerce platforms' sales records.

    Reshape supply chains and find your place on the global market

    Shenzhen-based Sailvan Network, focusing on e-commerce, Internet marketing, branding and supply chain management, decided to invest in Jinjiang to extend its industrial chain.

    The company's COO Wang Xucheng said that they have faith in a bright future in Jinjiang manufacturers' expansion in e-commerce business. Wang also pointed out that Jinjiang needs to make improvements in the Internet Plus sector as well as try and transform its traditional supply chain resources which have developed over the years based on bulk orders, to be more flexible to suit the fragmented and personalized demands from online and mobile shoppers nowadays.

    Cai Hua said that it takes thorough study for a manufacturer to find a place for itself in the industrial chain of cross-border e-commerce, which normally involves dozens of different industries. And it will be worth it because the e-commerce networks will help Jinjiang manufacturers to increase profit margins and give rich feedback for them to develop new products which the market needs.

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